NewArc Investment Inc. | About
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About NewArc

NewArc Investments brings institutional quality research to the individual investor.  The best fundamental methods are the basis for our long-term programs.  The top options strategies are behind our  Enhanced Yield programs.  Advanced modeling techniques are the basis for frequent trading programs.

We develop custom programs based upon individual needs.  Each program component reflects the conclusions of our research team.  We combine high expected return with attention to risk.

Our Experts

Jeffrey A. Miller

President and Portfolio Manager

Through his years of experience in trading options, futures, and equities, Jeff has come to be regarded as an expert on economics, market reaction to news events, and computer-based trading. He is often called upon as an expert witness in legal cases involving investment matters. His regular writing is often cited in popular news sources. He is ranked as the #1 contributor for Economics at Seeking Alpha.

More importantly, Jeff is approachable and communicative. He writes as if speaking to an individual investor. Many report that this is helpful, and that is most gratifying for us.

Vince Castelli

Research Director

A brilliant scientist who was a civilian employee of the Navy for thirty years. The Navy invested heavily in Vince’s education and training, and enjoyed handsome returns in the form of innovations important to our country’s security. Put simply, Vince has skills in modeling that you can’t learn in a classroom. He has been doing financial modeling for twenty-five years, first as a consultant and later for NewArc.

Allen A. Russell

Chief Programmer

Allen is experienced in computer simulation modeling, data analysis, and quantitative market research. As old grad school colleagues and friends, he and Jeff have collaborated on many modeling projects over the years. He helps to develop the process we use to identify sectors.

Feray Alin

Director of Trading Operations

Feray has been with NewArc Investments, Inc. since 2008. She has responsibility for the firm’s key operational areas including information technology, operations and administration, legal, accounting management and trading.