NewArc Investment Inc. | Aggressive Stock Program
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The Aggressive Stock Program puts some octane in your tank!

The profile for a qualifying stock includes the following:

  1. High expected return
  2. Reasonable chance of success
  3. Home-run potential

The profile also includes some negative features, as follows:

  1. Potential large losses
  2. Unusually high volatility
  3. Considerable risk from headlines, sentiment and other factors not related to investment fundamentals

You would not want to  go “all in” on a single choice like this, but having a basket of  exciting stocks adds diversity and reduces the overall volatility.
To summarize, the Aggressive Stock Program includes only stocks where we expect a strong positive return, but both risk and reward are higher.  It is important to verify the suitability of these investments and also the overall size of this portion of the portfolio.