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Holmes is our newest model, designed to keep investors active in the market while protecting from wild swings. Much like the famous detective, Holmes takes a wide range of information and uses it to draw conclusions others cannot see. Using this skill in deduction, our watchdog is wise and careful in selection – and quick to protect from danger. Holmes uses a mix of advanced trading techniques (including profit taking, stops, and trailing stops) and technical analysis to avoid significant drawdowns.


To give readers a better understanding of our program, we  have developed a procedure that will provide information to people who are interested, while being fair to those who have invested in the program. These are not intended as trading recommendations; rather, we want to illustrate the kinds of stocks Holmes finds attractive.


Here’s how it works. Each week we will mention a stock that Holmes picked a few days earlier.  We will try to do this around Friday at noon on and also in Jeff’s Weighing The Week Ahead column.  Anyone can read this, of course.


For those who are interested, we will also send an email the day after the position is closed.  To receive the delayed exit notifications or our one-time free report on Holmes, please email holmes at newarc dot com.  We will use this list only for Holmes-related matters, not sharing your email with anyone else.


Disclosure: These updates are for informational purposes solely and are not intended as trading advice nor should they be used for trading purposes. NewArc Investments, Inc. cannot be held liable for any gains/losses created by these updates.