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Oscar and Felix – the classic Odd Couple. We follow two versions of this method, designed for two clients with different needs.

  • Oscar believes in the long-term strength of the economy and the stock market.  He has a lovable and irrepressible enthusiasm.  When things go wrong, he steps back for a bit, but soon tries again.  He expects to do better than others during good times.  Oscar understands that this approach involves more risk.  Oscar is opportunistic.
  • Felix also has a positive long-term outlook, but he is something of a fussbudget.  He is much more cautious, with an emphasis on capital preservation.  He is perfectly willing to step aside from the market when there are signs of danger.  He knows that he will miss some moves, but that is OK.  He scores big gains when the market moves lower and he escapes the loss.

There is a little bit of Oscar, and a little of Felix, in all of us.  That is why the Neil Simon play, the movie, and the television show were so successful.  Thinking about your own approach to risk and reward is the first step to successful investing.
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